Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day 2011

Yesterday, we had a snow day.  Well, it was more of an ICE day than snow but Ben's work got cancelled and almost every school district in the area.  The weather and roads are pretty crazy up here!  High temperature was 19 degrees and the low was 11 degrees!!   
We enjoyed a nice, warm, cozy fire that Ben played with all day long!! 

Ben and Bella outside...that is a solid sheet of snow!

I made chili at about 8 in the morning.  We got up at about 5 because the sleet was SO LOUD on our bedroom window that we couldn't sleep).  Also, Barrett kicked and wiggled from about 6 to 7:30...I don't know that he has ever been that active for so long!  :)  Maybe that means he is ready to make his debut!! 

And this little DIVA even enjoyed the nice fire!  :)

Today...Ben was off work AGAIN because of the weather.  High temperature today was 20 degrees and the low temerature is 9 degrees!!  BRRRR!!!!  We are going a little stir crazy and getting cabin fever.  We did get out and go to the Dollar Store and Sonic (1/2 mile from our house).  When we got back home, we had to help each other get up our driveway (it's kinda uphill).  To go down the driveway, we just kind of slid down and caught ourselves on Ben's truck.  Even Bella had a bit of a difficult time running up the drive...what a funny sight! 

Lots of school districts are already closing for tomorrow (3rd day in a row).  Wonder if Ben will work tomorrow or not?!?!  If he doesn't, we are going to have to get out and do something or go somewhere before we go BoNkErS!!

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