Thursday, December 29, 2011

Food, food, and more FOOD!

Just a quick update...

Barrett has had lots of new table foods since Christmas!!! Some he didn't like (carrots, apples) and some he loved!!!

Cornbread dressing (Nonnie & Jeanie's)
Sugar snap peas (Jeanie)
Green beans (Nonnie)
Creamed potatoes (Nonnie)
Blueberry waffles
Bananas (he likes to hold 1/2 of one and bite it himself)
A few pieces of tomato dipped in ranch
A few sweet potato fries
Pickles (just a couple bites)

Good grief!!!! It's so fun watching him try new foods and even more exciting when he actually likes it!!!
Sometimes he spits it out...I think the texture of some foods is weird to him.
(He bumped/cut above his eye on the corner of a toy today.  It breaks my heart when he hurts himself!!  This learning to cruise/walk thing is ROUGH!)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

10 months old

10 months old....

Point to people and objects
Say mama and dada
Cruise around everywhere
Walk behind a push toy
Eats lots of table foods (still haven't introduced dairy or eggs)
LOVES eating bananas....he wants to hold it instead of me cutting up pieces
Wears a size 3 diaper.
Wears 12 month and some 18 month clothes.
Always very happy!

I'm not sure of his weight and height since we didn't have a well check this month.  I'm guessing his weight is about the same as 9 months (23.15 lbs) since he is crawling more and more. 

What a handsome little boy!!!

Christmas 2011 ~ Barrett's 1st Christmas

We had such a wonderful Christmas!!  This was Barrett's 1st Christmas and I was so excited to see his reactions to everything!!

Mommy and Barrett made handprint ornaments using Barrett's handprint for our tree and Nonnie and Jeanie.

We spent Christmas Eve at Ben's parents with Luke, Meredith and Hal.  We went over about lunch time to just hang out, exchange gifts, visit, and eat a yummy dinner.  This was also our first time to see Hal since he was about 2 weeks old!! 
Pops (Ben's dad) read the Christmas story from the Bible to all of us before we had our gift exchange.  Ben and I received some goodies and Barrett received lots of toys from Luke, Meredith and Hal and got a TRACTOR from Pops and Jeanie!  He is going to have a BIG time on this tractor for a long long time!!  The boy is obsessed with all things that have a steering wheel!!

Hal and Barrett even took their first bath together!  Too cute!

Once we got back to Papa T and Nonnie's house that night, we put Barrett to bed and the adults exchanged gifts.  Ben and I got lots of goodies and had fun watching everyone open their gifts.

Barrett actually noticed the presents sitting in front of the fireplace that Santa had left and was excited to go look at them.  Santa even filled our stockings, too!!! 

Santa brought Barrett a "busy box"!

Mommy, Daddy, and Barrett checking out what Santa brought!!

After Barrett had his bottle, we had coffee, and he played with his Santa gifts some...Barrett got to open ALL his presents from us and Nonnie, Papa T and Aunt Whitney!  This boy is spoiled rotten!!!

Happy kiddo!!

 Barrett's 1st Bible (from Nonnie & Papa T)

Papa T

WHEW!!  It's hard work opening all these presents!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Barrett got to meet Santa for the very FIRST time tonight!!

Barrett is patiently waiting......

So happy just watching people.....

still very happy...
maybe getting sleepy...

Ben and I took guesses on wether or not he would like Santa. 
I said he would cry because he has not wanted any strangers to hold him lately. 
Ben said he would not cry. 





I'll let you decide!! 

Barrett was NOT Santa's biggest fan this year!  That's okay though!  I love this picture!!  The things we put our kiddos through for a picture!!

Happy once again now that Santa is nowhere in sight!
The flash from my camera was in his eyes...silly boy!!

Happy 4th Anniversary to us!!!

Happy Anniversary!!!

December 15, 2007

I'm a very blessed wife to be married to Ben!!  He is ALWAYS so patient, kind and caring!  He is a great husband and wonderful Daddy!!  These last 4 years have been great and flown by and I look forward to many more to come!  I wouldn't want to travel through this journey of life with anyone else!!  We have truly been blessed this year! 

This morning when I got out of bed, I woke up to flowers and some new Chanel perfume!!  :)

And I'll go ahead and admit it...I was a horrible wife and didn't think we were doing any gifts this year and have yet to get Ben anything!!  :(

Tonight, we met after work, took Barrett to go see Santa, and ate dinner out at Cyclone Anaya's.  It was a great little family outing!  :)

He can say "Ma-ma"!!!

Barrett said "ma-ma" 2 days ago but I thought I was hearing things!  haha!  Then, he said it again the next day and today!!!  It is official!!  He can say my name!!!  YAY!!!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Just some pictures...

Handsome little man!!

Crawling through the of Barrett's favorite spots!

One of the many bruises...learning to cruise/crawl/walk is tough!

Barrett being contained against his will so Mommy could get ready.  Ha!

Napping with Mommy...LOVE!!!

Mmmmm....strawberry applesauce!

Barrett loved the truck Landon got...
(I think Daddy did too because he went and got Barrett one!)

Landon & Barrett at Landon's first birthday party

Sound asleep BUT still holding on to his balloon

Loving on Nonnie

Daddy put bubbles on Barrett's chin to make him look like Santa Claus

Looking for Bella under the door

Loving on Aunt Whitney

Papa T's little sidekick