Monday, September 26, 2011

Hello Baby Hal!!

This weekend we got to go meet Baby Hal!! He is so tiny and just precious!! It is hard to believe that Barrett was that little 7 months ago! We had a wonderful time! It took us about 7 hours each way but Barrett did fabulous!!! He even slept all night both nights which I was shocked since he wasn't in his own bed. We just hung out at their house, ate, and visited. I helped Meredith with Hal the 2nd night and he was so good!! Meredith would feed him, then I would change his diaper and get him back to sleep. The first time, he fell back asleep very quick! The next time, I was changing his diaper and he started pooping on the next clean diaper before I got it on, then started spitting up quite a bit, then while I was changing his poopy diaper, he tee-teed on his clothes. So..needless to say he went through a few outfits. haha! I got to rock him back to sleep after that. :)
Barrett just kept looking at Hal and smiling. It was very cute. I know these 2 cousins will be the best of friends and make lots of wonderful memories together as they grow up!

Daddy's & their sons

Baby Hal

Uncle Luke & Barrett

Ben & I on the way to their house Friday

Just hanging out...enjoying the nice weather!

Daddy & Barrett

Barrett in his carseat trying to look back at us.

Hal (2 weeks) & Barrett (7 months)

Aunt Audrey & Hal

Aunt Meredith & Barrett

Mommas and our babies

Uncle Ben & Hal

Sunday, September 25, 2011

7 months old!!!

I still can't believe our baby boy is growing so fast!!  It's crazy to think he is already 7 months old!!!  Barrett smiles all the time and is such a happy baby!!!

  • Barrett weighs about 22 pounds probably.
  • size 3 diaper
  • Some 6 month bottoms, 9 month tops and 12 month pjs and one piece outfits
  • He sleeps through the night for the most part.
  • He has cut 2 teeth and done fabulous!
  • loves to jump in his exersaucer
  • loves to make noises with his mouth and makes a cute "growling" noise.
  • He rolls all around.  He can get his knees in under him but not crawling yet. 
  • We have moved to a new carseat...the infant carrier was getting a little too snug and heavy to carry.
  • Loves all his baby food!! 
  • Eats mostly 8 ounce bottles every 4 hours or so...sometimes longer.
  • Takes 2 pretty good naps each day and sometimes a 3rd cat nap.
  • We began MOPs this fall and he is doing really well in the nursery.  It is his first time to stay with someone we don't know.
  • Loves to be outside!!
  • He doesn't like for you to get out of his sight and will cry when you do.  He just started this recently.
Thank you Jesus for this precious blessing!!!!  He couldn't be more perfect!!!!

    Friday, September 23, 2011

    Dinner @ Cracker Barrel

    Wednesday evening Ben had to work late so Barrett and I met up with Papa T, Nonnie, Aunt Whitney, and Jared in Greenville (kind of a halfway point) for dinner at Cracker Barrel. Jared is Aunt Whitney's boyfriend.

    During dinner, I had to go to the car and get a toy to keep Barrett content. While I was gone Papa T decided to give Barrett some mashed potatoes (he doesn't eat table food yet!!) and apparently Aunt Whitney had a fit about it. She jumped up, put her finger in his mouth and got the potatoes out. Haha. She's VERY protective of Barrett and always looking out for him!!! :)

    It was fun and a nice middle of the week outing!! Barrett was such a busy body all through dinner. The weather was amazing so we all sat on the porch and rocked for a bit.

    Afterwards, I had to run get a few things at the store and Papa T bought Barrett a big box of diapers (or "seat covers" as he likes to call them) and 2 containers of formula!! Yay!!! Thanks Papa T!!
    It was such a great time and I look forward to next time!

    These are the only 2 pics taken...I have got to get better about taking pictures.

    Tuesday, September 20, 2011

    Brushing our 2 teeth!

    We brushed Barrett's teeth for the first time last night! He loved it and did so well!! Never too early to start taking care of his pearly whites. :)

    Monday, September 19, 2011

    Just the 3 of us...

    We had such a great weekend...just the 3 of us!! 

    Ben started the weekend by surprising me with some pretty fall flowers when he came home from work!!  What a great guy!!!  :)

    We had dinner out, went grocery shopping, got a few projects completed, organized some and just spent quality time together!!  Here are a few pics from our weekend. 

    OH...and we also got some much needed RAIN!!!!  It has been so dry that wildfires have been starting everywhere and people have even lost homes.  I hope this rain will help and also continue for a while! 

    Flowers from my sweet hubby!!

    CUTE feet!!

    Recovered my chairs

    Painted headboard and footboard...still have to put it all together!

    Daddy makes a really good jungle gym!!  :)

    Barrett is in LOVE with this book!!  Seriously!  He even cries when you close it.

    Horrible picture of me but Bella jumped in our laps because the thunder scared her. 
    She's such a scaredy cat!!  Barrett loved that she was in his lap! 

    So thankful for this life and family God has blessed me with!!!!

    Tuesday, September 13, 2011


    We like to Skye with Papa T every couple days.  One day, Barrett will look back at this picture of us "skyping" and it will seem so out of date!  haha  For now, we think it is pretty high tech!

    Monday, September 12, 2011


    Today, Barrett and I began MOPS for the first time.  I am going totally out of my comfort zone by doing this because I do not know anyone!  I was very excited to go to MOPS but very nervous to leave Barrett in the nursery with people he and I didn't know.  He did great at drop-off, took a tiny nap for them, but was whining when I came to pick him up.  :(  I was practically sprinting to go pick him up. 
    I am excited for MOPS and feel like it will be a great time of fellowship for me and good for Barrett to interact with other kiddos. 

    Here we are before leaving...

    I wish we could keep him this age and size forever!!  He is so happy and fun!!!

    Welcome Baby Hal

    Baby Hal was born this morning!!!!  He weighed 8.11 and was 20 1/2" long.  We are very excited and can't wait to meet him!!

    We are now Uncle Ben and Aunt Audrey and Barrett has a cousin close in age that he will grow up with and make lots of memories with!!!

    Congratulations Luke and Meredith!!!! 

    Baby are so loved already!!!  :)

    Tuesday, September 6, 2011

    Happy 60th Birthday Papa T!!!

    Happy 60th Birthday Papa T!!!!  We hope you have a fantastic year!  We all love you so very much!!!

    This weekend we went to stay at my parents for the weekend and celebrated my dad's birthday.  60 years old!!!  :) 
    Papa T bought and installed Barrett a swing and he loves it!!!  I guess swinging is relaxing for him because he nearly falls asleep every time. 
    We went to eat at Clear Springs for his birthday dinner, ate chocolate cake, buttermilk pie and gave him his presents! 
    Saturday, we spent the day with Jeannie and Pops (Bens parents).  We had a great time!  We went to Karma's to hang out at the lake and ate yummy shrimp creole made by Jean!  YUM!

    Papa T thought we were coming Friay afternoon but we surprised him and showed up at his shop Friday morning!  :)

    Papa T took Barrett on a tractor ride!

    Walking around the yard with Nonnie.  It was such pretty weather!!!

    I walked in the living room one morning and found them like this.  LOVE!!!

    Sunday, September 4, 2011

    Rolling from back to tummy!!

    YAY!!  Barrett can finally roll from his back to his tummy.  :)  Now he can roll all around! 

    First Teeth!!!!

    Barrett has been teething for a while now...lots of chewing and drool!!  He has done great with it so far...not very fussy at all!!  We can finally see 2 little teeth popping through on the bottom.  I'm going to miss his "gummy" little smile!!!

    6 1/2 months