Monday, September 19, 2011

Just the 3 of us...

We had such a great weekend...just the 3 of us!! 

Ben started the weekend by surprising me with some pretty fall flowers when he came home from work!!  What a great guy!!!  :)

We had dinner out, went grocery shopping, got a few projects completed, organized some and just spent quality time together!!  Here are a few pics from our weekend. 

OH...and we also got some much needed RAIN!!!!  It has been so dry that wildfires have been starting everywhere and people have even lost homes.  I hope this rain will help and also continue for a while! 

Flowers from my sweet hubby!!

CUTE feet!!

Recovered my chairs

Painted headboard and footboard...still have to put it all together!

Daddy makes a really good jungle gym!!  :)

Barrett is in LOVE with this book!!  Seriously!  He even cries when you close it.

Horrible picture of me but Bella jumped in our laps because the thunder scared her. 
She's such a scaredy cat!!  Barrett loved that she was in his lap! 

So thankful for this life and family God has blessed me with!!!!

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