Friday, April 29, 2011

Matching Red PJ's

Ben has been waiting since before Barrett was born for him to wear these pj's.  They finally fit him!! 

And Ben even has some like them...haha!!!

Spring Family Pictures 2011

We received our spring family pictures in the mail today!!  YAY!!!  I love them!!!  :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sad Face :(

I have been trying to get his sad face on camera and I finally did!!!

Is this not the cutest sad face you have ever seen?!?!

This is what Barrett did when his Daddy took his bottle out of his mouth to burp him.  Poor baby!!  haha!

And yes...we are in the garage.  It was SOOO nice outside this evening that we took him out in his bouncy seat and just went and sat outside and enjoyed the weather.  :)  LOVE my little family!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bath Time!!

This sweet little boy LOVES bath time!! 

2 month check up & shots

Barrett had his 2 month check up today.  Hehad to get 3 shots and some oral medicine.  Ben took off work and went with us for some support.  :)  Barrett cried for a few minutes but was a trooper! 
He has a slight flat spot on one side of his side and we need to start making him lay on the opposite side but it's nothing to worry about. 
She also heard a slight mumur in his heart.  The pediatrician that saw him in the hospital also heard this but didn't seem too worried.  Our pediatrician doesn't think it is anything to worry about but is going to have us go to a pediatric cardiologist just to get things checked out and be on the safe side.  She told us not to worry but obviously as parents we will.  I pray it is nothing big and will close on its own.   

Weight: 12 lbs. 14 oz.  75 %
Length:  23.5 in.  75%

Ignore the black marker on the diaper. 
It's the one from the doctor's office and they had the sizes marked on them.  

Afterwards, we went to Target and got him a new toy for having to get all those yucky shots.  :) 

Monday, April 25, 2011

Tummy Time

Yay Barrett!!!


Just because we all love the way he looks when we burp him on our lap! 

He looks like a gorilla the way he sits with his long arms just hanging.  hah!! 
Love this sweet boy!!!

Working in the yard

We love when spring time rolls around and we can start working in the yard!!  Last week we planted some flowers and took Barrett out in his bouncy seat while we planted.  He loved it!!!  Bella went too!  :)

And yes...I helped too but had to take the picture.  :)

2 months old

Barrett is becoming so much more alert and aware of things around him. 
He is drinking 4-5 ounces every 3-4 hours. 
He has begun to take a couple naps during the day about 2 hours each at times.  At about 5-6 weeks he began sleeping a 5 hour stretch at night before he wakes to feed. 
He loves to smile at us and stares at us intently while we talk to him.  He loves to look at Bella (our dog).  He plays on his play gym quite a bit during the days and it keep shim occupied for quite a while.  He LOVES being outdoors and that makes his daddy very happy.  :)  He has the most pitiful (but so so cute) frown face.  I'm still trying to catch it on camera.  He likes to have his diaper changed.  He loves his bath time and loves to be naked.  haha!  
It is so much fun to watch him grow and change.  It seems like he is changing daily.  We are extremely blessed with our sweet little boy!! 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Barrett's 1st Easter

We had a great Easter weekend with our families!  We stayed Thursday and Friday night with Ben's parents (Jeanie and Pops).  We took a nice stroll through a park by their ouse, visited Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt, and ate some yumm food at their house.  We stayed Saturday night with my parents (Nonnie and Papa T) and sister.  The weather this weekend was so nice.  We washed cars and ate some more good food!  Barrett loves to be outside!!!  
Sunday morning, we all went to Green Acres Baptist Church.  This was Barrett's first time to go to church.  He was good for the frst 30 minutes or so and then started getting fussy.  Whitney and I took him out and ended up going riding around in the car because we couldn't get him quiet enough to go back in church.  Barrett doesn't know you are supposed to be quiet in church yet...haha!  
We ate lunch at Cracker Barrel, took pictures outside, and then packed up and headed bak home.  I always love our weekends with our parents in East Texas!!  It is so hard to pack up and head back.   

Look what the Easter Bunny brought Barrett!!

Our Family

Nonnie, Aunt Whitney, me, Barrett, Papa T

This little boy is so, so, so, so LOVED!!!

Papa T trying to keep Barrett content while we took more pictures.

Easter night, when we got back to our house, it was storming really bad and we lost power for about 30 minutes around Barrett's bed time.  Talk about giving a new mom a panic attack!!  Thankfully, it came back on and we survived...haha!

Thanks Nonnie, Papa T, Jeanie, and Pops for a fabulous Easter weekend!!  We are so incredibly blessed with wonderful families and a beautiful baby boy!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Look who has been smiling for the past few weeks....

Doesn't this precious little smile just make your heart melt?!?!

A night away...

Friday evening my mom and sister came up and spent the weekend so that they could babysit Barrett while we went to Fort Worth for the night and celebrate our birthdays.  Friday, when they arrived, we all went to eat at Campisi's.  That place is always so yummy!!  Barrett slept through most of the dinner.  We drove thru Starbucks on the way home to get coffee and frappucinos...Yum Yum!!
Ben has been taking "night duty" (haha) every Friday night to give me a break.  My mom took Barrett when he woke up at about 2 and then Ben got him at about 5:30.  So..I woke up well rested on Saturday!!  YAY!  I never take a good nights sleep for granted anymore...that's for sure!!
Saturday morning Ben and I took off to Fort Worth for the night.  We stopped by Cabelas in Allen first.  It just opened this week and it was super crowded but Ben was in LOVE!  He said he could have stayed there for hours....but we didnt!  Afterwards, we ate lunch at Rosa's Tortilla Factory.  I had never been befor ebut Ben has.  It was really good!  Our hotel was downtown and the Arts Festival was going on down there as well.  It was so crowded!!  We walked around for a while but then found a patio and sat and enjoyed the beautiful day with drinks.  We ended our night with Pappadeaux Seafood!!!  I love that place!!  It is always so delicious and just different from what we usually eat. 
This morning, we had coffee and breakfast at Cafe Brazil.  After a few errands, we came back home to our sweet little boy!! 
Thank you so much Nonnie and Aunt Whitney for watching Barrett while Ben and I enjoyed a much needed night away!!!  We are so blessed!!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Family Spring Pictures

Our Family

We had spring family pictures today.  The azaleas were absolutely beautiful and so was the weather!!  Barrett slept for the first half and then got fussy so we took some with him crying.'s a memory, right??  He still looks pretty cute even when he's crying!

Barrett - 6 weeks 1 day old

Friday, April 8, 2011

4 Generations....Polly meets Barrett

Ben is so lucky to still have his grandmother around.  She is such a neat lady!  Polly came over to meet Barrett for the first time this weekend. 

4 Generations

Barrett with his great grandmother, Polly Crisp

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy 33rd Birthday Ben!!

Happy Birthday Ben!!

Ben turned 33 today!!!  We celebrated by eating mexican food at San Miguels..yum-yum!!  Then, we came home to homemade peanut butter of his favorites!

33 candles!!!  WOW!!!

I hope you had a wonderful day!!!  We are so thankful for you and love you very much!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Nerdy Socks!! haha!

Aunt Whitney came to visit us this weekend and we had such a good time!! 

Looks what she did to Barrett...she made his socks look nerdy!  haha!!  :)

Aunt Whitney and Barrett