Sunday, April 24, 2011

Barrett's 1st Easter

We had a great Easter weekend with our families!  We stayed Thursday and Friday night with Ben's parents (Jeanie and Pops).  We took a nice stroll through a park by their ouse, visited Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt, and ate some yumm food at their house.  We stayed Saturday night with my parents (Nonnie and Papa T) and sister.  The weather this weekend was so nice.  We washed cars and ate some more good food!  Barrett loves to be outside!!!  
Sunday morning, we all went to Green Acres Baptist Church.  This was Barrett's first time to go to church.  He was good for the frst 30 minutes or so and then started getting fussy.  Whitney and I took him out and ended up going riding around in the car because we couldn't get him quiet enough to go back in church.  Barrett doesn't know you are supposed to be quiet in church yet...haha!  
We ate lunch at Cracker Barrel, took pictures outside, and then packed up and headed bak home.  I always love our weekends with our parents in East Texas!!  It is so hard to pack up and head back.   

Look what the Easter Bunny brought Barrett!!

Our Family

Nonnie, Aunt Whitney, me, Barrett, Papa T

This little boy is so, so, so, so LOVED!!!

Papa T trying to keep Barrett content while we took more pictures.

Easter night, when we got back to our house, it was storming really bad and we lost power for about 30 minutes around Barrett's bed time.  Talk about giving a new mom a panic attack!!  Thankfully, it came back on and we survived...haha!

Thanks Nonnie, Papa T, Jeanie, and Pops for a fabulous Easter weekend!!  We are so incredibly blessed with wonderful families and a beautiful baby boy!

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