Sunday, April 17, 2011

A night away...

Friday evening my mom and sister came up and spent the weekend so that they could babysit Barrett while we went to Fort Worth for the night and celebrate our birthdays.  Friday, when they arrived, we all went to eat at Campisi's.  That place is always so yummy!!  Barrett slept through most of the dinner.  We drove thru Starbucks on the way home to get coffee and frappucinos...Yum Yum!!
Ben has been taking "night duty" (haha) every Friday night to give me a break.  My mom took Barrett when he woke up at about 2 and then Ben got him at about 5:30.  So..I woke up well rested on Saturday!!  YAY!  I never take a good nights sleep for granted anymore...that's for sure!!
Saturday morning Ben and I took off to Fort Worth for the night.  We stopped by Cabelas in Allen first.  It just opened this week and it was super crowded but Ben was in LOVE!  He said he could have stayed there for hours....but we didnt!  Afterwards, we ate lunch at Rosa's Tortilla Factory.  I had never been befor ebut Ben has.  It was really good!  Our hotel was downtown and the Arts Festival was going on down there as well.  It was so crowded!!  We walked around for a while but then found a patio and sat and enjoyed the beautiful day with drinks.  We ended our night with Pappadeaux Seafood!!!  I love that place!!  It is always so delicious and just different from what we usually eat. 
This morning, we had coffee and breakfast at Cafe Brazil.  After a few errands, we came back home to our sweet little boy!! 
Thank you so much Nonnie and Aunt Whitney for watching Barrett while Ben and I enjoyed a much needed night away!!!  We are so blessed!!!

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