Sunday, November 27, 2011

Barrett's 1st Thanksgiving

We are so VERY thankful for our little turkey this Thanksgiving!!! 

I made Barrett a Thanksgiving shirt from his little hand print.
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family!!! 

Wednesday evening, my mom made a yummy Thanksgiving feast at their house.  It was fabulous!  I LOVE dressing like my Nanny used to make and my mom always makes me some now that my Nanny is in Heaven.  I meant to get some to bring home and forgot!!  Guess she'll have to make it again!!  haha!

After dinner, we all piled in the car and took Barrett to Santa Land.  He LOVED it!!  He was in awe of all the Christmas lights and music.  He sat in his Daddy's lap the whole time so he could see really well.  Seeing your baby get so excited over things makes you kinda feel like a kid again!!

Entrance to Santa Land

Daddy getting Barrett out of his carseat so he could sit in the front seat with him

Tunnel of lights that we got to drive through...Barrett was so excited to see al the lights!!

Santa's Workshop (pics are blurry because they are taken with my phone in a moving car..ha)

Whitney sitting in Barrett's carseat...I don't think she fit!!  :)
Thursday, we got up and headed to the farm with Bens parents and family.  Most everyone was able to come!  We did miss Luke, Meredith, and Hal but we will get to see them at Christmas!! 

The weather was perfect!!!  Polly cooked a huge, yummy feast that we all enjoyed...and enjoyed...and enjoyed!!!
Barrett played with Titan on the kid tractor and had a blast!  He rode in the mule and on the 4-wheeler with Pops!  Ben and I were able to sit in the deerstand one evening while Jean and Tom watched Barrett.  We didn't see anything but it was still nice just to sit in peace with nobody but Ben!!  :)
The burn ban was FINALLY lifted so Clint built a big bonfire at the farmhouse.  It was great!  We all had a good time sitting and 'shooting the bull'.
Saturday, Ben and I cooked brunch at the cabin and got all packed up to head home.  Him and his Dad had to go fix a couple things so they took off in Tommy's truck through the woods.  It was taking a while but we weren't worried.  Well...did I mention it was pouring down rain??? they come WALKING from the woods...DRENCHED!  They had gotten the truck stuck and it was very close to a tree and couldn't get it out.  The mud down there gets really slick when it rains.  Thankfully, they called someone who was able to come and get the truck out.  Meanwhile, Jean, Barrett, and I enjoyed coffee on the screenporch, watching the rain, and visiting with Polly and Crystal!!  haha. 

We had a kinda long drive home but Barrett did great and we made it home safe and sound! 

Another wonderful Thanksgiving!!!  We have SO MUCH to be thankful for!!!

Me, Barrett, and the girls swinging on the farm house porch. 

Mommy & Barrett

Mommy trying to take a nap and get Barrett to also....did NOT work!  haha

Riding to the farm house with Jeanie & Pops

Barrett loved riding on the 4-wheeler!!  Pops said it is his new babysitting tool!  haha

Daddy, Barrett (9 months), and Titan (1 year) playing on the tractor. 
These two were so cute together!!!

Ben & Bella hanging out in the cabin

Daddy taking Barrett on a ride!!  :)

Eating a snack at the farm house

Cute booty!!!  haha
Barrett had just gotten a bath and was not wanting to get his diaper on.

Ben putting bleach in the smells like sulfur really bad if he doesn't. 

Jeanie & Barrett rocking on the front porch

Clint & Ben at the bonfire

Me & Shurrell at the bonfire

Playing at the cabin

Mommy & Barrett on the screen porch at the cabin. 
I think this is when we were waiting on Ben & Tommy to get unstuck. 

Me & Ben

Saturday, November 26, 2011

9 Months old & 3rd Tooth!!

Barrett turned 9 months old at the farm on Friday!!  Where is the time going?!?!  He is so sweet!

23.15 pounds / 29 3/4" long

At Barrett's 9 month well check we found out he has the beginning of his first ear infection. We caught it early and are starting antibiotics.

Barrett is a crawling machine now days!  He does not want to be contained in anything (jumper or carseat) because he wants to be free! 
He sleeps well at night!  Usually from about 7:30-7
He takes about 5 bottles a day and 3 baby food jars.  He loves to eat puffs and mum-mums and drink juice.
He loves bath time!
He growls at EVERYONE!!  We were strolling through the store recently and he randomly growled at a few ladies in the aisles.  It's hilarious!!
He likes to crawl through our island in the kitchen.
He can clap and wave.
He has started getting a little sad when I drop him off at the nursery during MOPs but does ok after that.
Barrett has cut his 3rd tooth (top/front/left)!!!  Actually, one of the twins noticed it while swinging on the farmhouse porch.  I had NO CLUE he was cutting another tooth!!  He's had a runny nose...maybe that's why!   

This big bundle of joy is the sweetest thing EVER!!!!  Always full of smiles that make your heart MELT!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Who needs toys?!?!

A cabinet full of plastic-ware is the BEST entertainment for this little boy!!! 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Opening Deer Season and Nonnie's Back Surgery

The past week or so we have been out of town. We've been at both our parents and Ben has been at the farm some. He went hunting for opening weekend. He didn't get a deer yet but has just enjoyed being at the farm and doing outdoor stuff. :) My mom had her 4th back surgery (ruptured disk) and is feeling a thousand times better!! Thank you Lord!! So..I've been helping her out. Ben kept Barrett at his parents house a couple nights while I was helping my Mom get things done around the house. He's a pretty great husband and daddy!! Here's a few pictures from the past week! We've enjoyed being here and hanging out! Always glad to get back home and get unpacked and reorganized though!

Barrett got a lick or two of ice cream at El Charros.

Somebody found a drawer FULL of fun things!! :)

Pops and Barrett playing in the drawer

Papa T swinging Barrett

Bath time at Jeannie and Pops!! Cute boy!

Eating dinner at Jeannie and Pops house.

Old picture I found of my Dad!! Oh my goodness!!! Hilarious!!!

Napping?? I think not! haha.

Just a swingin'

I made a rainbow cake just for fun one evening.

Trying on Papa T's hat. "You think it looks good Mom?"

Pulling up and standing in his pack n play...uh-oh!

I can stand all by myself!! Such a big boy!

Asleep in the truck...look at those lips and cheeks!!

My mom got the coffee and left this note for me one morning!! :)

Swinging on the porch with Aunt Whitney

Driving Papa T's truck

"Anyone coming?"

I have never seen a little boy get so ecstatic when put in front of a steering wheel or when they hear loud truck or tractor noises! He LOVES it!!

I think these 2 are pretty smitten with each other!!

Papa T got a big box and cut doors in it for Barrett to play in.

Looking at books is one of his favorite things to do!! He gets so excited!!