Thursday, November 15, 2012

1st Pony Ride!!

Last weekend, we went to the Syrup Festival in Henderson with Papa, Nonna, and Aunt Whitney while daddy was hunting with his college buddies. The festival was really nothing to write home about but.....Barrett DID get to ride a pony for the FIRST TIME!!! Papa walked beside him to make sure he didn't fall off. :) Barrett loved riding the horse and loves watching the video of it over and over!!
Thanks Papa!!!

Santa Land 2012

Last night was Barrett's 2nd time to see Santa Land.
We ate at Cracker Barrel with Papa, Nonna and Aunt Whitney and then all piled in Papa's truck to drive through and see the lights. Barrett thought it was pretty neat and sat in amazement through the whole thing. Such fun memories!!!! Thanks for taking us Papa and Nonna!!

Here's a pic of us all in the backseat...wish I'd gotten one with Papa and Ben also!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bye bye nap #2

I'm very sad to say Barrett has officially dropped one nap. I was lucky to get 2 good naps out of him for so long!! He hasnt taken 2 naps in a few weeks. Not gonna lie...I enjoy nap time to have a little time to myself. :) I think most moms will agree.


It's Elmo!!!!

We went to our neighborhood Halloween party and had such a great time! There were a ton of kids and Barrett loved playing!
He wasn't really into the trick or treating...he decided he'd rather ride on one of the neighbors golf carts alongside everyone walking.