Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Coffee shop w/ Papa!!

Barrett spent the night with Nonna and Papa last night. He gets to spend the night with them pretty often and he looks forward to do Mommy and Daddy!!  Haha 

The real reason for him going this time was to get to wake up and go to the coffee shop with Papa the next morning!!  This was pretty special because Papa has met with the same group of men for coffee every morning for as long as I can remember!  They've switched up restaurants a few times but I remember getting to go with him when I was a little girl. It was always a great!!  

Here's a pic of Barrett and Papa at the coffee shop (Bertie's Restaurant). 

Barrett got a Mickey Mouse pancake and then when I made him pancakes a couple mornings afterwards, he wanted to know where the ears on his pancakes were. Haha. 
June 27,2013

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Chalk: Tracing

We hung out at Nonna and Papa's house this evening and enjoyed this awesome weather we've had this week!!  Barrett spent his time drawing with chalk and we traced him, Nonna and Papa!