Sunday, November 13, 2011

Opening Deer Season and Nonnie's Back Surgery

The past week or so we have been out of town. We've been at both our parents and Ben has been at the farm some. He went hunting for opening weekend. He didn't get a deer yet but has just enjoyed being at the farm and doing outdoor stuff. :) My mom had her 4th back surgery (ruptured disk) and is feeling a thousand times better!! Thank you Lord!! So..I've been helping her out. Ben kept Barrett at his parents house a couple nights while I was helping my Mom get things done around the house. He's a pretty great husband and daddy!! Here's a few pictures from the past week! We've enjoyed being here and hanging out! Always glad to get back home and get unpacked and reorganized though!

Barrett got a lick or two of ice cream at El Charros.

Somebody found a drawer FULL of fun things!! :)

Pops and Barrett playing in the drawer

Papa T swinging Barrett

Bath time at Jeannie and Pops!! Cute boy!

Eating dinner at Jeannie and Pops house.

Old picture I found of my Dad!! Oh my goodness!!! Hilarious!!!

Napping?? I think not! haha.

Just a swingin'

I made a rainbow cake just for fun one evening.

Trying on Papa T's hat. "You think it looks good Mom?"

Pulling up and standing in his pack n play...uh-oh!

I can stand all by myself!! Such a big boy!

Asleep in the truck...look at those lips and cheeks!!

My mom got the coffee and left this note for me one morning!! :)

Swinging on the porch with Aunt Whitney

Driving Papa T's truck

"Anyone coming?"

I have never seen a little boy get so ecstatic when put in front of a steering wheel or when they hear loud truck or tractor noises! He LOVES it!!

I think these 2 are pretty smitten with each other!!

Papa T got a big box and cut doors in it for Barrett to play in.

Looking at books is one of his favorite things to do!! He gets so excited!!

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