Monday, September 26, 2011

Hello Baby Hal!!

This weekend we got to go meet Baby Hal!! He is so tiny and just precious!! It is hard to believe that Barrett was that little 7 months ago! We had a wonderful time! It took us about 7 hours each way but Barrett did fabulous!!! He even slept all night both nights which I was shocked since he wasn't in his own bed. We just hung out at their house, ate, and visited. I helped Meredith with Hal the 2nd night and he was so good!! Meredith would feed him, then I would change his diaper and get him back to sleep. The first time, he fell back asleep very quick! The next time, I was changing his diaper and he started pooping on the next clean diaper before I got it on, then started spitting up quite a bit, then while I was changing his poopy diaper, he tee-teed on his clothes. So..needless to say he went through a few outfits. haha! I got to rock him back to sleep after that. :)
Barrett just kept looking at Hal and smiling. It was very cute. I know these 2 cousins will be the best of friends and make lots of wonderful memories together as they grow up!

Daddy's & their sons

Baby Hal

Uncle Luke & Barrett

Ben & I on the way to their house Friday

Just hanging out...enjoying the nice weather!

Daddy & Barrett

Barrett in his carseat trying to look back at us.

Hal (2 weeks) & Barrett (7 months)

Aunt Audrey & Hal

Aunt Meredith & Barrett

Mommas and our babies

Uncle Ben & Hal

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