Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Trip to the Farm

Barrett and I went to the farm this week to meet Ben, Jeanie, and Pops. They had been there working all week and we just came to hang out for a few nights. The weather was pretty pleasant. Polly also came to hang out with us. We spent our days riding on the mule, watching Pops and Ben work, sitting on the farm house porch and screen porch at the cabin, pulling Barrett in his wagon, and Ben and I sat in the new deer stand one evening.

Riding in his wagon down the road.  Polly was watching us from the farm house porch.  :)

Polly and Jeanie letting Barrett chew on some frozen pears.
He had never had any before but LOVED them!!

Polly made Barrett a beautiful quilt!!  Polly called it a "pee quilt".  haha!  She says it is one we can throw anywhere and he can pee or whatever on it.  NO WAY!!!  She makes beautiful quilts and it is definitely a quilt that will be so special to Barrett!!  So thankful for Polly! 

Hanging out on the twins play tractor. 
He looks like he's tired from working so hard in this picture!  haha!

Could he get ANY cuter?!?!  I don't think so!!!!

Ben is such an amazing Daddy!!!!

Ben and I watched the sunset from the new snazzy deer stand!  Isn't it gorgeous?? 
It was such a nice evening!! 
Barrett stayed with Jeanie and Pops.

Helping Daddy on the tractor. 
Barrett LOVES seeing his Daddy on the tractor and hearing the loud sound!

I sure do love my little family that I have been so richly blessed with!!!

Playing on the steps to one of the deer stands.  Ben actually was standing on a step after this picture and the step broke.  Glad he wasn't high up or holding Barrett!!  Yikes!

Riding in the mule.  I made Barrett his own "shade" so he wouldn't get sunburned.  Ben took him riding around for about a hour one evening and Barrett fell fast asleep in his carseat.

Pops starting to paint one of the deer stands. 
See Barrett up in the deer stand looking out the window???

We had a great weekend!  I know Ben and his Daddy will make lots of wonderful memories hunting in these deer stands in the future!!

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