Friday, September 23, 2011

Dinner @ Cracker Barrel

Wednesday evening Ben had to work late so Barrett and I met up with Papa T, Nonnie, Aunt Whitney, and Jared in Greenville (kind of a halfway point) for dinner at Cracker Barrel. Jared is Aunt Whitney's boyfriend.

During dinner, I had to go to the car and get a toy to keep Barrett content. While I was gone Papa T decided to give Barrett some mashed potatoes (he doesn't eat table food yet!!) and apparently Aunt Whitney had a fit about it. She jumped up, put her finger in his mouth and got the potatoes out. Haha. She's VERY protective of Barrett and always looking out for him!!! :)

It was fun and a nice middle of the week outing!! Barrett was such a busy body all through dinner. The weather was amazing so we all sat on the porch and rocked for a bit.

Afterwards, I had to run get a few things at the store and Papa T bought Barrett a big box of diapers (or "seat covers" as he likes to call them) and 2 containers of formula!! Yay!!! Thanks Papa T!!
It was such a great time and I look forward to next time!

These are the only 2 pics taken...I have got to get better about taking pictures.

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