Thursday, December 29, 2011

Food, food, and more FOOD!

Just a quick update...

Barrett has had lots of new table foods since Christmas!!! Some he didn't like (carrots, apples) and some he loved!!!

Cornbread dressing (Nonnie & Jeanie's)
Sugar snap peas (Jeanie)
Green beans (Nonnie)
Creamed potatoes (Nonnie)
Blueberry waffles
Bananas (he likes to hold 1/2 of one and bite it himself)
A few pieces of tomato dipped in ranch
A few sweet potato fries
Pickles (just a couple bites)

Good grief!!!! It's so fun watching him try new foods and even more exciting when he actually likes it!!!
Sometimes he spits it out...I think the texture of some foods is weird to him.
(He bumped/cut above his eye on the corner of a toy today.  It breaks my heart when he hurts himself!!  This learning to cruise/walk thing is ROUGH!)

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