Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Last weekend of...Just The Two of Us!!

It was so strange thinking all weekend..."This is the last weekend it will just be us--me and Ben!"  We are super excited to become a family of 3!!  Ben had a 3 day weekend which was perfect timing.  We got some last minute things done--switched sides of the bed so I can be by Barrett (There's more room on his side.), picked up the bed rails that go to the crib once we convert it, went grocey shopping, took a few naps (haha!), and a few more minor things done in the nursery.
We also went out to eat every single day!!  YUM!   
Up until about a week ago, I had been sleeping pretty well with the exception of frequent bathroom visits.  Well, those days are long gone I'm afraid!  Last night, it was 4am before I finally fell asleep and tonight,well, I'm up past midnight doing laundry and such and writing this blog!  Oh well...I guess my body is preparing itself for this sweet little boy who is going to need my attention at all hours of the night. 
Today was my LAST doctor appointment before we meet Barrett on Friday.  It was kind of strange talking to my doctor and thinking that the next time we see him, he will be delivering our baby boy!!  It was a quick visit as always. He gave us some instructions/rules for my c-section and sent us on our way.  :)
The A/C man comes tomorrow afternoon...I hope he can fix our a/c quickly and it's nothing major!
3 more days until we meet Barrett!!!

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