Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Day #3!!

So...Ben was off work AGAIN today and it's looking like he probably will be tomorrow as well.  All the school districts are starting to close for tomorrow as well.
We DID get out today which I think we wre both VERY thankful for!!  We went to lunch, Wal-Mart (went to just walk around and get NOTHING but walked out with $70 of stuff...typical), Academy, and a few other places.  It was SOOOO nice to get out and about again!  The roads weren't terrible but did have ice in spots.  We did see 2 wrecks. 
Tomorrow is calling for more snow here and also East Texas.  Ben is supposed to go to the farm Saturday for the night so we will see if he is able to make it or not.  I cannot travel anymore (at least not 5 hours) so my mom and sister are going to come up here and stay with me.  Girls weekend!!  :)

BRRRRR!!!  Crazy weather!!

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