Monday, February 14, 2011

Dr. Appt. / 37 weeks 3 days

My doctor's appointment went great today...just the usual (weight, BP, heart rate, tummy measurement, UA).  I always want my doctor to sit and talk to me and tell me a bunch of stuff about my pregnancy and the baby for some reason...I know he doesn't have anything new to tell me but for some reason I just want lots of information.  I did let him know that I am getting miserable and uncomfortable, hoping he would say "Well, let's just have this baby this week.".  He had no mercy on me....just said "Not much longer!".  I'm sure every pregnant woman begins to tell their doctor how uncomfortable they are by 37 weeks  :)  Barrett will be here on February 25th unless he decides to come earlier.  :)

I did have a sonogram on Friday to check on his size.  They estimated he already weighs a WhOpPiNg 8 lbs. 6 oz.!!!  He may look like a toddler by next week!!  They did say their measurements could be off a pound either way.  Let's hope if they are off, that he is a tad smaller and not bigger...YIKES!!  He is definitely going to be a BIG boy...he has been measuring big the whole time!!!

11 more days until we meet this sweet little blessing!!  I can hardly believe we are about to have a baby and  be MOM and DAD!!  I just can't imagine how great it is going to be to finally be able to see and hold our little boy!!!

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Ben and I did a Valentine's lunch (Pappadeaux...YUM!) on Saturday instead of doing something tonight.  So, we are just hanging out at the house being boring and lazy.  :)

My Dad had Ben pick up a dozen roses for me from my parents and sister.  :)

I'm off to make some cookies....

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