Monday, May 2, 2011

Our little family weekend :)

We had such a nice, relaxing, rainy weekend with our little family.  This is the first weekend (I think) since Barrett was born that we haven't been out of town or had company.  I LOVE having company so that doesn't bother me.  :)  It was nice to just be at home with nothing to do though.  We did a little shopping and of course, went out to eat.  Sunday evening we headed out to dinner and Barrett stayed awake the whole time.  It makes me so nervous but he was pretty good.  We always try and pick LOUD places to go out to eat with him now.  He seems to like noise and also, if he cries it won't be as big of a deal.  He just wanted to be held the entire time.  We took turns holding him and eating.  haha!!  I guess this is the life of a parent!  :)  Barrett just looked around and took everything in the whole time. 

My 2 boys at dinner....

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