Wednesday, May 11, 2011

1st Mothers Day

This was my first Mothers Day!!  I am so thankful for my mother who is always there for me no matter what and loves my baby so incredibly much!!  She is the best!!  I am also thankful for Bens mom who loves Barrett so much and is so good to us!!  Most of all, I'm thankful that God chose ME to be Barrett's mommy!  What a blessing he is!  He brings so much happiness to us and his little smile will brighten any day!!

The weekend started early for Barrett and I.  Thursday evening I was talking to my mom and jokingly said she should come to my house and get us so we could get an early start to the weekend and not have to wait on Ben to get off work Friday.  Well...Dad said she could and she came to get us!!!!  YAY!!  It was a 4 hour round trip for her but she did it!!!Ben ended up getting off work early on Friday and heading to my parents.  Ben got up with Barrett Friday night (he always does) and gave me a break!!  What a great Dad and husband!  We spent Saturday with Bens parents ad then we all (my family and Bens parents) met at El Charros for dinner.  YUM YUM!  Best mexican food ever!!  Saturday night my mom got up with Barrett and gave Ben and I both a break!  Hello SLEEP!!!  We were pretty lazy Sunday and just hung out at my parents.  My mom, dad, and Whitney ended up keeping Barrett until Tuesday afternoon to give me a much needed break and time to get my house in order.  Thank yall SO MUCH!!!  It's amazing what some free time and a little sleep will do for ya! 

Since we wre lazy Sunda, these are the only pictures I have.  Actually, Whitney snapped these while Barrett and I napped.  Thanks Aunt Whitney!!

And this is what Ben and Barrett gave me for Mothers Day!  A cute coffee mug, picture, money, and a coupon for Ben to watch Barrett while I go do something.  Shopping trip?!?! 

My parents gave me a yummy smelling candle and Whitney gave me some cute pajama pants! sister got me something for Mothers Day!!  She's always too thoughtful!!


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