Friday, May 13, 2011

Lunch with Daddy

Today we went to have lunch with Daddy!!  We went to a yummy little sandwich shop and then back to Bens work.  Ben showed Barrett off to his office and I'm pretty sure he was excited to do so.  :)  Everyone said he looks like me which secretly (well, I guess it isn't a secret anymore) makes me really happy.  I just think it is so neat that this cute little boy that we made LOOKS like ME!!  I fed Barrett before we headed back home.  Oh...and he so graciously did a dirty diaper while he was eating so we changed him in Ben's office...sorry Ben!!  haha! 

Barrett and Daddy at Daddy's desk

And this is what Barrett and I did when we got home...

Recently, this is the only way I can get Barrett to take a good nap (if I hold him).  He was taking really good 2 hour naps by himself but he won't right now. 

We had a good day!!

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