Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mommy's Thoughts

When Barrett was teeny tiny and we were up all hours of the night and exhausted, I couldn't imagine why moms got so emotional about their babies getting older and starting kindergarten. It seemed to me that the older they get, the more sleep a mom would be able to have at night.

Clearly, I was very sleep deprived despite all the help from Ben and my mom!!

As Barrett's first birthday approaches, I find myself getting all emotional about it. My baby turning one...it just can't be possible!! I'd really like to just stop time.

Barrett is the greatest blessing!!! Even though he can't tell me, I can feel how much he already loves me by the way he snuggles, his heart stealing smiles and cute baby kisses!!! I just pray he always knows how very much I love him!!!!

Thank you Jesus for my amazing little baby boy!!!! Life has never been better!!!

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