Tuesday, January 24, 2012

11 months old

11 months.....I can't believe that next month I will be saying "one year old". Whew!!

Good-bye bottle!! We quit giving a bottle about 2 weeks ago and he hasn't even missed it!!

Yesterday, we began giving some whole milk along with formula. We are now mixing half formula/half organic whole milk. I think we are going to continue this for a week or two just to make sure Barrett's tummy doesn't get upset. He usually has about 3 sippy cups of mlk a day.

Barrett doesn't seem interested in meats at all (except turkey hotdogs)! I've heard it is just a phase so we will see. Your Daddy might not like it if you're a vegetarian!

Favorite foods: bananas, raisins, turkey hot dogs, baby Cheeto things, puffs, oatmeal.

Barrett has 8 teeth!! 4 of them are not all the way in...just peeping through a bit.

Barrett can sign "more"and he also tries to say it.

He has 5 words: dada, mama, more, hot, banana. (and I think he's saying eye)

He can point to his eye when asked.
Barrett still takes a paci at bedtime and can NOT sleep if he does not have his "lovey". We actually bought a "back up lovey" just like the one he has.

Barrett got his first pair of real shoes and I had his foot measured to be sure we got the correct size. He wears a 5 wide. I usually don't put his shoes/socks on until we are to our destination because he will pull them right off!! I'm told I used to do the same thing!

Barrett can stand alone for a little bit but has not taken any steps yet.

We started back to MOPs this semester. Barrett did good in the nursery they said but he did cry when Mommy left him. He doesn't know I came back about 5 minutes later to peek in on him and make sure he was ok. :)

Daddy taught Barrett a new trick! When Ben says "touchdown", Barrett raises both hands in the air. Cute!! Super Bowl should be funny now!!

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