Sunday, January 15, 2012

Going to Nonnie and Papa T's House...

Barrett spent the weekend at Nonnie and Papa T's house (with Aunt Whitney too) and mommy and daddy stayed home alone all weekend!!!
I think we all enjoyed our weekend although, Nonnie may be a tad tired. Barrett is a bundle full of energy and quite the explorer!!

We did FaceTime him multiple times each day. The first time Barrett got too sad. Guess he just loves us so much!!!

Barrett got a new outfit, ate spaghetti for the FIRST time and learned to drink from a straw. Oh...and he can now reach the door handles at their house. Uh oh!!! :)

Mommy and Daddy went out to dinner a couple times, shopped, ran some errands, cleaned house real good, laundry and washed cars.

We are definitely ready for our little pumpkin to be back!! Two nights away is a big plenty!!

Thank you soooooo much Nonnie and Papa T for giving Ben and I a weekend together!! We love you!!!

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