Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lake Texoma 2011

My Dad (Papa T) wanted to begin a tradition of taking us all on vacation each year.  I really think he wanted to just take Barrett….BUT, we are a package deal!  HA!  Just kidding!  We decided to do something last minute so we stayed close and went to Tanglewood Resorts at Lake Texoma.  It was a very laid back, relaxing vacation!!!  Those are the BEST!  We hung out, ate yummy food, swam in the pools, and took a very short boat ride.  We decided to rent a barge one evening from 4-8 thinking it would be a nice evening to just drive around.  Well, Mr. Barrett had other plans.  He did NOT like his life jacket AT ALL and was burning up and SCREAMING!  POOR baby!!  All us girls (me, Nonnie, and Aunt Whitney) ended up crying because we felt so bad for him.  Big ole cry babies!!  J  Needless to say, we were in the car headed back to the condo at 4:30. 

These are the condos we stayed in.

Napping with my sweet baby boy!!  LOVE!

Barrett was LOVING licking on ths lollipop...Im sure it is the BEST tasting thing he's ever had!!

Swinging...he was falling asleep. 
After Papa T saw how much Barrett loved the swing he immediately got on the computer and ordered one for their house!!  Spoiled much??

Does it really need an explanation?!?!

Aunt Whitney feeding Barrett

Our little family!

Swimming with Daddy!  Barrett LOVED splashing and playing in the pool!!

Barrett splashing us in the pool!

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