Thursday, August 25, 2011

6 months old!!!

Barrett is 6 months old today!!!  Half-way to one year!!!  This is crazy!!  Time is flying by so fast and we are having so much fun with our sweet baby boy!  Today, Barrett had to go for his6 month well check and he also received 3 shots...poor baby, mommy, and Nonnie!  Nonnie went with us.  Her and Papa T also brought Barrett a couple 6 month birthday presents!  (pics below...)  Barrett's appointment went well.  He did so good.  Him AND Nonnie cried for a bit with the shots but recovered quickly.  :)  His doctor did say that we probably need to go visit the Cranial Technologies place to see if he needs a Doc Band.  I am really praying he doesn't but if he does, it is a small hurdle compared to what some little ones face.  (I will have to keep on reminding myself of this.)  The back left side of his head is a tad flatter because he has favored sleeping on that side.  It is not severe at all...some can be though.

Thank you God for our sweet, perfect, healthy, bundle of joy!!!  We are blessed beyond what we could have ever imagined!! 

6 months...
  • Weighs 20 lbs.  (90%)
  • 27.5 inches long (90%)
  • Eating about 5 or 6 6 oz. bottles a day.
  • Eating baby food for breakfast and dinner...we are about to start having it for lunch as well. 
  • He loves most every food he has tried but sometimes will turn his nose up at peas.  :)
  • Barrett LOVES his exersaucer and has learned to bounce/jump in it the last week or so!  It is the cutest thing!!
  • Sleeps through the night...about 12 hours!!  YAY!!  (usually 8-8)
  • Always so happy except when he is hungry or sleepy.  Such a joy to be with!
  • He can say "Dada".  :)
  • Barrett gets so excited when he sees his food!!  He starts banging on his high chair when he sees the food coming his way!  He also gets excited to see our food and stares at it.  :)
  • Loves the water...swimming and baths!
  • Makes razzing sounds with his lips.
  • Loves for us to sing to him...especially his Papa T!
  • He can sit up very well and plays with his toys.  His favorite toys right now are ones that rattle. 

My new toys!! 

Cute little face he has started making..PRECIOUS!!



Who's that cute boy?? 

Mommy & Barrett at the doctor

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