Monday, August 8, 2011

Austin Weekend

This weekend we headed to Austin to attend a shower for Baby Hal and we also made a little getaway out of it!!  We went a night early and enjoyed some alone time!

We went to the state capitol to look around for just a bit because Ben had never seen it.  Later, we looked around town and went to dinner at Hula Hut..Yummy!!

This is how my weekend began...I was tired!

Ceiling of the capitol

Ben playing around in the capitol.

The next day we met Luke and Meredith at Barton Springs Pool to swim for a bit and then all went to lunch.  I didn't get any pics of Baby Hals baby shower but it was very nice.  We had yummy food and drinks and just all visited.  He got some very nice things!!  :) 

We ended our evening hanging out at some guys (sorry-don't remember his name!) recording studio.

Luke singing in the recording studio..haha!

And this is what Barrett was doing back home.  Looks like he had it rough, huh?  :)  My mom, dad, and sister came to watch him.  THANK YOU!!!

I think Papa T enjoyed his time with his little BOY!

Asleep on Papa T!

Nonnie loves to bathe this little prince charming and make him smell all yummy!

We had such a fun time this weekend!! 

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