Sunday, March 13, 2011

A FULL house!! :)

We have had a full house ever since Barrett was born it seems like.  We have very much enjoyed all the help!!  It has definitely made things easier.  My parents and Whitney stayed for a few days.  Dad and Whitney had to go back home for work/school but came back during the week and surprised me and brought my Aunt Sherrie who lives in South Carolina.  It was a nice surprise and I enjoyed seeing her and it was neat to introduce her to Barrett.  My mom cooked for us and even took the night shift some to let us sleep!!  Thank you Mom!!!  Ben and I had one night alone when my family left before his parents came up for a couple nights.  They also cooked for us and helped with Barrett during the day.  When they left, my mom and Whitney came back up and helped out some more.  Luke and Meredith came this weekend to meet Barrett for the first time and headed back home today.  We tried taking Barrett into town just to walk aroud outside and he wanted nothing to do with it.  So...we packed back up and headed back home.
Ben is off tomorrow and then he is headed back to work.  Im kind of scared about all my help leaving but I know (well, I HOPE) Barrett and I will get into some sort of routine.  Well....maybe all my help isn't gone mom and Whitney are going to try and come back up one night this week!!  YAY!!     

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